Gladrags Party Solutions

Business: Rental Designer Boutique
Rajouri Garden

Gladrags Party Solutions is a rental designer boutique started by four enterprising women of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. It provides an economical solution to the women of today who would want to make a fashion statement on every occasion.

The concept of “rent-a-dress” is fast becoming the buzzword among the high and mighty, which has been converted into a flourishing business by the enterprising foursome.

Come to us for the following reasons:

  • To save your family’s hard earned money.
  • To wear the latest fashion trends.
  • To wear the same dress worn on the red carpet.
  • To have glamorous look on your Facebook account always.
  • To show off your materialistic treasure.

We have entire range of traditional, designer, indo-western clothes for all occasions. Be it a cocktail party, a baby shower, a reception, a house warming, you can just pick up the best suited outfit from us and still not feel the weight of money spent.

We help you to save your time, money and energy and help you look your best.

Also to complement the outfit, we offer the trendy and latest jewellery to enhase your looks and add value to your outfit.
Our specialty is in:

  • Designer Sarees
  • Lehangas
  • Sherwani

We are concerned for your time and money and for this reason we bring to you“GLADRAGS PARTY SOLUTIONS.”

For any important social occasion in the family or friends, you won’t have to shed thousands of rupees on clothes that you hesitate to repeat.

So ladies….. Save on your husband’s hard earned money!!

Five reasons to rent a dress :

1. Rent a Designer Dress For Less to Wear the Latest Fashion Trends

You can rent almost any kind of designer dress, including the most modern fashion forward dresses. You’ll be way ahead of your friends on facebook, wardrobe-wise, if you show up in the latest designer fashions straight from Bollywood.

2. Rent a Dress to Wear Vintage Fashion

It seems that old is the new ‘new’ so look to designer dress to find just the right vintage gown for that fancy party. You’ll find designers such as Satyapaul, Ritu Beri, Sabyasachi, etc. and can step out in high style.

3. Wear the Same Dresses That Are on the Red Carpet

If you have a fantasy of dressing up like the fanciest Bollywood stars, you can fulfill it by searching for designer dresses. Chances are very good you can rent the same dress at about a tenth of the cost of the actual dress.

4. Renting Designer Dresses Means You Can Try Different Styles

If you’re not sure that a backless halter in hot pink is the right move for a permanent addition to your wardrobe, consider renting a few ‘out there’ choices from us. You’ll only lose the rental and cleaning cost instead of the money for a new dress that you might never wear.

5. Rent Designer Dresses As You Lose Weight

So many of us fight the battle of the bulge (not all of us win…sigh) so being able to rent designer dresses means that you’ll still look smashingly good as your body adjusts to your, hopefully, smaller size. Why buy dresses that you hope won’t fit next month?!

Just Borrow, Party, Return!


Our mission is to make fashion accessible to all.
Anyone can look like glamorous if the constraints of budgets are removed!
So just borrow, party and return at nominal costs.

Company Overview

No repetition
No maintenance
No storage problems
Economical : Same budget larger variety.
Eco friendly : Sharing is caring. Caring is sharing.


We rent out dresses for all occasions, be it a wedding or a farewell party..hanging out with friends or hitting the club!
Why buy…when you can rent!
A different look, a different dress, a different mood every time!
So, Look Good, Spend Little 😀

Gladrgas Party Solutions

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J-200/5, Top floor
Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi

Phone: 9211-059-190